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October 6th, 2017: "Chaos Theory 18"

It’s that time of year again and the annual group exhibition called CHAOS THEORY at Legend City Studios will once again be exhibiting one of William's latest works. Now in it’s 18th year, this exhibition has become one of the best Phoenix-based art events year after year. William is honored to once again be exhibiting in the one-night-only show featuring some of the best talents that Phoenix has to offer. Doors open this Friday, October 6th, 2017 from 6-12PM at 521 W Van Buren St.

This year exhibiting artists include: Randy Slack, Jon Balinkie, Brent Bond, Lisa Von Hoffner, Joe Willie Smith, Danielle Hacche, Cindy Dach, Hector Ruiz, Megan Koth, Alexandra Bowers, Jennyfer Stratman, Johnny Jaffe, Rembrandt Quiballo, Ashley Macias, Brad Reed, Judith Anne Miller, Sergio Aguirre, Brian Boner, Lisa Olson, Ben Willis, JB Snyder, Rick Toerne, Shuana Thibault, William LeGoullon, Luster Kaboom, Jehu, Isse Maloi, Jesse Rieser, Case Beer, Rachel Bess, Forrest Solis, Christina Ramirez, Thomas Breeze Marcus, Pete Deise, Ellen Wagener, Brandon Sullivan, Larry Willis, Quincy Ross, Abe Zuca, Josh Rhodes, Steve Gompf, Mike Prepsky, Gennaro Garcia, Yuko Yabuki, Andy Brown, Susan Olson, John Randall Nelson, Mitch Phillips, Molten Borthers, Greg Esser, Wayne Rainey, Brooke Grucella, Steven Hofberger, Jacob Meders, David Dauncey, Kendra Sollars, Frank Gonzales, Michael Lundrgren, Lori Fenn, Larry Madrigal, Tara Logsdon, Ruben Gonzales, Turner Davis, Colton Brock, Mykil Zep, Jeff Faulk, Bill Dambrova, Chadwick Uptain, Mayme Kratz, Matt Dickson, Koari Takamura, Annie Lopez, Timothy Chapman, Henry Schoebel, Carrie Marrill, Lucrettia Torva, Travis Ivey, Travis Rice, Daniel Funkhouser, James Angel, and The Fortoul Brothers.

Special thanks to friend, fellow artist, and Chaos Theory founder, Randy Slack, for his continued support of not only William’s work but of the entire Phoenix Arts Community.



September 29th, 2017: "TOPOGRAPHIES" at Midwest Center For Photography:

William is pleased to announce that his work has been selected as part of "Topographies" - an exhibition at The Midwest Center For Photography in Wichita Kansas. "Topographies" explores the notion of place and one's connection to a particular environment. The photographic works range from a detailed exploration of a particular location to a visual documentation of one's personal interaction with their surroundings. The act of observing exterior or interior space through capturing the visual qualities of a location portrays a sense of visual mapping. As topographies encompass many different ways of describing and documenting location, from the physical landscape of a terrain, to the in depth history related to a geographic region, the works selected for this exhibition will represent what it means to examine topographically with the medium of photography.

Exhibiting artists: Lewis Ableidinger, Harvey, ND; Julie Anand, Phoenix, AZ; Greg Blair, Aberdeen, ND; Greta Brubaker, Easton, PA; Christina Caro, Seattle, WA; Rachel Deutmeyer, Ames, IA; Jeff Evans, Rantoul, IL; Rebecca Foley, Saint Joseph, MO; John Hilarides, Chicago, IL; William LeGoullon, Phoenix, AZ; Adriane Little, Kalamazoo, MI; Jenna Lynch, Mahopac, NY; Nigel Maister, Rochester, NY; Jacob Moffett, Nacogdoches, TX; John O'Neill, Deluth, MN; Terry Ownby, Pocatello, ID; Eric Rennie, Cromwell, CT; Rebecca Reuland, Chicago, IL; Joe Reynolds, Pulaski, TN; Lars Samuelsson, Hugo, MN; Brian Sesack, Pittsburgh, PA; Scott Sheffield, Milwaukee, WI; David Skidmore, Sister Bay, WI; Gary Wagner, Paradise, CA, and Ed Webb, Pecos, NM.

Exhibition dates: September 29 - October 13, 2017.For more information regarding "TOPOGRAPHIES", please click here.


May 1st, 2017: Work Featured on Aint-Bad Magazine:

Founded in 2011, Aint-Bad Magazine is a bi-annual publication that promotes new photographic art. Founded in Savannah, Georgia by five emerging photographers, the magazine seeks fresh photography and text in support of a progressive community of artists from around the world for our printed publication, web-based forum, and periodic exhibitions and events. Today, William LeGoullon's work was their featured article.

Photographic images remain at the core of how we make sense of culture, politics, and history, and Aint-Bad Magazine reveals an ever-more urgent, critical conversation about the human condition by way of thought provoking imagery. William is honored to have been selected to be featured as part of this amazing and resourceful publication. Go check out his “(Un)Intended Targets” series review on A-B by clicking here.


March 16th, 2017: Artlink's Art d'Core Gala at Bentley Gallery's Warehouse 215

The Art d’Core Gala serves as the kickoff to an “Artist Forward” Art Detour 29 weekend, March 16-19, a four-day, multi-faceted exploration of the arts and culture of America’s sixth-largest city. The one-night-only event will be held at Bentley Galley and will feature an exhibition of works presented by an inaugural collaboration of a group of Arizona-based artists who have committed participation and support to a new Artlink initiative. Works by Christine Cassano, Bill Dambrova, Pete Deise, Jeff Falk, Fortoul Brothers, William LeGoullon, Annie Lopez, Ann Morton, Rembrandt Quiballo, Joe Ray, Randy Slack, and Marilyn Szabo will be on display during the event. These established professional artists have worked 10 years or more in exhibiting and/or producing exhibitions that shine a spotlight on Phoenix; represent the diverse cultural identity of our city; and have contributed significant time/energy to either Art Detour/Artlink and/or partner initiatives that strive to elevate the profile of Phoenix’s creative community. A brief program celebrating the arts and culture community’s contribution to the development of a dynamic downtown Phoenix will be capped by Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton’s annual “Toast to Downtown.” For more information including times and location please click here.


March 6th, 2017: Work Featured on Open Doors Gallery Instagram Take Over:

Set up originally as a pop-up gallery, Open Doors (OD) looked to encourage community cohesion and a sense of local pride across London. OD asked local artists to reflect the local area in their unique style. The success of these events led to the discovery of a huge pool of talented emerging artists that were dismally under represented. Particularly photographic. Inspired by this observation, OD decided to focus its efforts on highlighting and developing the best they could find worldwide. They host their work on an instagram feed and select their favorites to offer as limited edition prints on its website. William has been fortunate enough to be selected for it's latest "takeover"...

Special thanks to Tom & Anders...


October 21st, 2016: "Take Aim" 

For more than 3 years, William has been working on his latest curatorial project titled "Take Aim" - a photography exhibition concerned with the diverse aspects of hunting, in collaboration with Arizona State University's Northlight Gallery and The Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA). Opening October 21st and running through December 2nd, 2016, "Take Aim" features 10 nationally and internationally recognized artists, specifically selected as an unbiased approach towards this often confrontational and sensitive exchange between man and animal. Exhibiting Artists include:

Andrea Tese
Brian Lesteberg
Brooks Dierdorff
Dave Imms
Erika Larsen
Jason Vaughn
Jesse Burke
Joe Mannino
Jordan Baumgarten
Michael Tummings

Exhibition Statement:

For the first time in human history, more people live in urban environments than rural, yet we continue to insist that we are the guardians and stewards of the land. Contemporary society relies on photography now more than ever to experience the wild and the natural. A confrontational topic, such as hunting, immediately becomes approachable and obtainable. This exhibition focuses on the complex and bizarre narratives encompassed within hunting culture. The opposition and objectification of nature simultaneously mirrors our fragile and romantic communion with environments and the various species of animals they contain. The photographers selected for this exhibition, illustrate raw opinions as diverse in range as the attitudes and beliefs shared between hunters. Whether the artists themselves are active participants or captivated observers, their images depict a correlation between destruction, survival, tradition, and sport.

Once a common subject within art, hunting has changed over time much like its creative portrayal. Whether it is a prehistoric drawing on cave wall, a 16th or 17th century painting, or a contemporary photograph, the “hunt” has historically embodied the idea of predator versus prey. The continual changes however reference its social interpretation and acceptance. The most basic perception concerns the continuity of life through the generation of food, a traditional view of hunting to survive. Be that as it may, it has at certain points in time, been culturally accepted as a sign of dominance, displaying man’s compulsive desire to control nature. Yet today, though commonly argued, it pertains instead to some people’s sense of identity, family recreation, and a desire for a physical and psychological connection to land. Our assimilation into the intimate and unforgiving wild, allows for a curious and beautiful affiliation, and while our relationship to nature is not always understood, we admire its honesty. It’s delicate and frightening, peaceful yet violent. Hunting expresses both an opposition to and an integration with nature all at the same time. A true line in the sand, where one can stand on either side, but also a line so easily blurred with a swift kick.

Click the links below to check out the press "Take Aim" received...

Daily Mail
Photo-Eye Blog
Fraction Magazine

ASU's Northlight Gallery is located at: Grant Street Studios, 605 E. Grant Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Special Thanks to The Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art (phICA). Photo Courtesy of Erika Larsen (exhibitor)


October 21st, 2016: "Glittery Skulls and Other Bizarre Things Arizonans Love Shooting" Article by WIRED Magazine

William’s (Un)Intended Target series has been featured on WIRED Magazine Online. Writer, Laura Mallonee, writes about how this body of work “is a catalog of all the weird things people use to channel their inner John Wick” and goes on to explain William’s process of collecting and photographing the objects he finds that have been used for target practice and discarded across the desert. During their interview process, William described these items as “artifacts of the contemporary west” and talks about some of his initial inspirations for the project. To read more click here.


October 20th, 2016: "enLIGHTened" at Central Michigan University

William is pleased to announce his involvement in an exhibition titled “enLIGHTened: Work by Arizona State University Photo Alumni Association” at Central Michigan University, in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan taking place October 20th through November 19th, 2016. An opening reception will be held on October 20th from 4-6PM. He greatly appreciates the opportunity to exhibit along side past ASU talents. Special thanks to gallery director; Anne Gochenour, and ASU alum; Kris Sanford. For more information please click here.


October 13th, 2016: "FLASH FORWARD 2016 Winners Exhibition" at Division Gallery in Toronto, ON, Canada

Earlier this year, William was selected as one of The Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Winners. He will be exhibiting a piece from his (Un)Intended Targets series at the annual winners exhibition in Toronto. The exhibition will take place at Division Gallery, located at 45 Ernest Ave. Toronto, ON, Canada and will be on view from October 11th through October 17th, 2016. An opening reception and book launch will be held on the evening of October 13th from 7-10PM. William is honored to be among such a wonderful line up of talents from the UK, US, and Canada. For more information as well as a complete winners list please click here.


October 7th, 2016: "Chaos Theory 17"

It’s October and that means it’s time for CHAOS THEORY at Legend City Studios. Now in it’s 17th year, this annual group show has become one of William’s personal favorite events to take part in. He is honored to once again be exhibiting. The one-night-only show features some of the best talents that Phoenix has to offer and will take place on October 7th, 2016 from 6-12PM at 521 W Van Buren St.

This year exhibiting artists include: Randy Slack, Hector Ruiz, Carrie, Marill, Fortoul Brothers, James Angel, Carolyn Lavender, Mayme Kratz, Rick Toerne, Jon Balinkie, David Dauncey, Pete Diese, Lori Fenn, Annie Lopez, Gennaro Garcia, Brent Bond, Molten Brothers, Greg Esser, Tara Logsdon, Brian Boner, Jeff Falk, Shauna Thibault, Michael Carson, Rachel Bess, Brooke Grucella, Josh Rhodes, Henry Schoebel, Abbey Messmer, Steven Hofberger, Larry Willis, William LeGoullon, Lisa Olson, Jesse Reiser, Steve Grompf, Ruben Gonzeles, Case Bee, Judith Dauncey, Emmet Potter, Mike Prepsky, Danieele Hacche, Kendra Sollars, Lauren Strohacker, Bill Dambrova, Yai, Franks Gonzales, Mykil Zep, Kristin Bauer, John Randall Nelson, Yuko Yabuki, Christina Ramirez, Andy Brown, Colton Brock, Ben Willis, Sergio Aguirre, Breeze Marcus, JB Snyder, Alexandra Bowers, Ashley Macias, Larry Madrigal, Jehu, Lisa Von Hoffner, Wayne Rainey, Forrest Solis, Mathew Jon Arnold, Travis Ivey, Brandon Sullivan, Timothy Chapman, Richard Kimbrough, Matt Dickson, Turner G Davis, Sara Abbott, Matt Priebe, Jacob Meders, Travis Rice, Ellen Wagener, Joe Willie Smith, Mitch Phillips, Daniel Funkhouser, Kaori Takamura, and Luster Kaboom.

Special thanks to friend, fellow artist, and Chaos Theory founder, Randy Slack, for his continued support of not only William’s work but of the entire Phoenix Arts Community.


September 13th, 2016: "Off The Wall" at Art Intersection:

William will be featuring the piece above at Art Intersection’s “Off The Wall” exhibition and auction opening September 13th in Gilbert, Arizona. Art Intersection presents about ten public exhibitions annually in its North and South Galleries, showing work from students, emerging talents, and nationally and internationally recognized artists. To help support these programs, “Off The Wall” involves a silent auction in which the public can view and bid on works from local and national artists. These funds will in turn, continue to support Art Intersection’s on-going efforts to engage the community through the embrace and promotion of photography. William is thrilled to be supporting the efforts of this fantastic creative workspace, photography education program, and exhibitions gallery. The exhibition (and bidding) will end on the evening on October 15th from 6-9PM. Art Intersection is located in downtown Gilbert Heritage District on the second floor of the Heritage Court Building at 207 N. Gilbert Road, Suite 201, Gilbert, Arizona 85234.


May 16th, 2016: Magenta Foundation FLASH FORWARD 2016 Winner:

William has been selected as one of this year's Magenta Foundation Flash Forward Winners. Established in 2004, The Magenta Foundation is Canada’s pioneering non-profit, charitable arts publishing house. Magenta was created to organize promotional opportunities for artists, in an international context, through circulated exhibitions and publications. The organization works with respected individuals and international organizations to help increase recognition for artists while uniting the global photography community. The Magenta Foundation will publish a book of selected work in conjunction with exhibitions in Toronto during the Fall of 2016. For more information including the fantastic line up of other winners please click here.


April 7th, 2016:  “Marks” at Gebert Contemporary:

“Deserts are where people strive to make and leave a mark”    - William Fox

“Marks” examines the interplay between two bodies of work by William LeGoullon. Together, his imagery from (Un)Intended Targets and Nearing Dissonance, share an undeniable captivation with humanity’s mark making proficiencies and landscape’s ability to reshape and endure.  The exhibition will open next Tuesday, April 5th, 2016 at Gebert Contemporary. The gallery will be hosting a reception from 7-9PM on the evening of April 7th and it is open to the public.

Gebert Contemporary is located at 7160 E. Main St. Scottsdale AZ 85251


January 15th, 2016: "(Un)Intended Targets" solo exhibition at Modified Arts Gallery:

It’s been 7 years since Modified Arts last hosted a solo exhibition of William LeGoullon's work, so he is thrilled to be working with them once again. This Friday night, Janaury 15th from 6-9PM they will be holding an opening reception for “(Un)Intended Targets” - his latest body of work featuring a series of photographs produced over the last three years. There will also be a secondary reception on the evening of Friday, February 5th from 6-10mPM and a closing reception and PhotoTapas event on Saturday, February 13th from 12-4PM. Below is the Exhibition Statement…

“(Un)Intended Targets is concerned with the abusive and often unregulated relationship among recreational shooters and specific locations frequently visited by them in central Arizona. By referencing a trajectory that has overshadowed the western frontier since men from the east first traveled here, William examines the experiential sense of a present-day landscape obscured by the familiar and romanticized image of a gun-toting cowboy. A thread within the fabric of American culture, firearms have traditionally orchestrated dominance not only over opposing human forces, but geographic as well. This pursuit of dominance continues today as a perplexing narrative yielding a disregard for land while simultaneously providing opportunity for strangely seductive amusement, and even, arguably, a reason to affiliate with nature, for better or for worse.

William is interested in exploring the ways that tangible items can portray and embody a landscape, both literally and metaphorically. The objects he finds and photographs have been thoughtlessly left behind, often on National Forest Land, after being used for legal and illegal target practice. The puzzling characteristics these remnants acquire due to forces both human and natural help to reinterpret them as representations of both pleasure and violence. This association mimics that of a picturesque desert fiercely interrupted by gunfire, target debris, and the sulfuric smell of shells and casings. Drawing connections to the lawless and erratic nature of the once wild west, William provides context to these environments and the various symmetries between nature and the human experience.”

Modified Arts Gallery is located at: 407 Roosevelt Sreet Phoenix AZ 85004

Gallery hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm • First Fridays 6-10pm • Third Fridays 6-9pm • Saturday 12-4pm

Private viewings and appointments can be made by emailing William directly.


December 18th, 2015: "Traces" featuring works by Edgar Cardenas and Buzzy Sullivan:

An exhibition curated by William LeGoullon.

William's latest curatorial project; "Traces" will feature works by Edgar Cardenas and Buzzy Sullivan. The exhibition will be showcased as part of the Phoenix Institute of Contemporary Art’s Emerging Curator Initiative and will be located at The phICA Shipping Container Gallery on Roosevelt Row in Phoenix, Arizona from December 18th, 2015 – January 10th, 2016. Please join us Friday, December 18th from 6-10PM for our opening reception.

Curatorial Statement:

Photography has always played a major role in our cultures understanding of landscape as a physical, psychological, cultural, and geological frontier. “Traces” is concerned with landscape as an active and participatory concept that is constantly being reshaped and challenged by human innovation and ideas. It acknowledges that the environment is dynamic and constantly changing, retaining its ability to reconstruct itself. Photographers use this as an opportunity for rediscovery while continuing to create images that provide us with evidence of what was. For Edgar Cardenas and Buzzy Sullivan, the desert holds the weight of centuries of idealization and reverence while succumbing to the very real influences of human engagement. The images they make elegantly hint at environmental concerns, while also drawing inspiration from the past using historical photographs as reference points. Together, the artists find themselves within the long continued dialogue between photographers and landscape, where the land is man’s protagonist, his hero, and his adversary.

Above Image: Buzzy Sullivan, Jawbone Canyon, CA, - Looking Southwest, 2015, Pigment Print, 24"x30", Work Provided By Artist


December 5th, 2015: "Landscape at Escape Velocity" at Fine Art Complex 1101:

The landscape has become a site of increasing conflict in the early twenty-first century. From the damage wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005 to the tsunami that caused the nuclear meltdown at Fukushima in 2011 to last week’s announcement that Los Angeles is due to have a major earthquake in the next few years, it seems that thinking about the landscape, as well as the need for escape, is a constant theme in today’s headlines. The speed at which we can run from the effects of global warming, however, may have already reached terminal velocity. On a planet of limited resources, where several recent reports about environmental degradation have suggested that we are well ahead of curve in reaching the planetary tipping point where ecological equilibrium will become harder and harder to restore with each passing year, we find that time has now become the dominant concern in thinking about the present crisis. From the melting icecaps to the cascading collapse of ecosystems, and even the idea that we are now well into the 6th great extinction of all life on planet Earth, it is not hard to understand why we find a whole new generation of artists who are invested not only in the landscape as an object of timeless contemplation, but as an event scene of immediate consequences for the times we live in.

Whether looking at the effects of light, water and atmospheric pollution; or war and personal narratives of power and struggle; or even how the history of landscape photography has been used to generate narratives about the ‘manifest destiny’ of western exploration and exploitation; the artists in this exhibition make us more aware of a wide range of critical issues effecting the environment today. By using photography, weaving, activism, printmaking and any number of material interventions, the works included in Landscape at Escape Velocity demonstrate a renewed interest in the politics of the 'natural’ and the constructed environment, as well as the many ways that these two concepts are never really mutually exclusive.

For more information about this upcoming show click here.

Exhibiting Artists Include: Kerstin Dale, Edgar Cardenas, Thomas Locke Hobbs, Molly Koehn, William LeGoullon, Ann Morton, Darryl Naito, Buzzy Sullivan.

1101 West University Dr. Unit #103, Tempe, AZ 85281

Opening Reception: December 5th, 7:00-9:30pm


October 2nd, 2015: "Chaos Theory Sweet 16"

Its that time of year again, and now for his sixth year in a row, William will be exhibiting in one of Phoenix's staple art exhibitions. The annual group show - CHAOS THEORY has become an annual tradition throughout the local arts community. Now in it’s 16th year, it will feature over 60 artists. The show is sure to be a fantastic demonstration of what Phoenix artists have to offer. William is truly honored to be invited once again and he encourages anyone with even the slightest interest in anything creative to check out the show. It opens Friday, October 2nd, 2015 at 521 W Van Buren St. at 6PM. Open till midnight! Spread the word!

Exhibiting artists include:  Randy Slack, Jon Balinkie, Brandon Sullivan, Jehu, David Dauncey, James Angel, Shauna Thibault, Steven Yazzie, Judith Ann Miller, Pete Deise, Cindy Dach, Carrie Marill, William LeGoullon, Kristin Bauer, Sergio Aguirre, Frank Gonzales, Molten Brothers, Emmett Potter, Annie Lopez, John Randall Nelson, Yuko Yabuki, JB Snyder, Case Beer, Mike Prepsky, Steven Hofberger, Danielle Hacche, Henry Schoebel, Brooke Grucella, Steve Gompf, Colton Brock, Bill Dambrova, Ashley Macias, Andy Brown, Gennaro Garcia, Lori Fenn, Josh Rhodes, Ellen Wagener, Larry Madrigal, Christina Ramirez, Brent Bond,  Jeff Falk, Rick Toerne, Brian Boner, Greg Esser, Larry Willis, Abbey Messmer, Joe Willie Smith, Mykil Zep, Rachel Bess, Tara Logsdon,  Ruben Gonzales, Ben Willis, Mitch Phillips, Kendra Sollars, Yai Cecream, Thomas Breeze Marcus, Michael Carson, Lauren Strohacker, Carolyn Lavendar, Hector Ruiz, Jacob Meders. Chadwick Uptain, Jesse Rieser, Forotul Brothers, Alexandra Bowers, Sue Chenoweth and Mayme Kratz.


September 21st, 2015: Work Featured on Aint-Bad Magazine:

Founded in 2011, Aint-Bad Magazine is a bi-annual publication that promotes new photographic art. Founded in Savannah, Georgia by five emerging photographers, the magazine seeks fresh photography and text in support of a progressive community of artists from around the world for our printed publication, web-based forum, and periodic exhibitions and events. Today, William LeGoullon's work was their featured article.

Photographic images remain at the core of how we make sense of culture, politics, and history, and Aint-Bad Magazine reveals an ever-more urgent, critical conversation about the human condition by way of thought provoking imagery. William is honored to have been selected to be featured as part of this amazing and resourceful publication. Go check out his “Nearing Dissonance” series review on A-B by clicking here.

Special thanks to Kory Kingsley.


September 18th, 2015: "Nascent Site: Sight" at Northlight Gallery:

The ASU Photo Alumni Association celebrates over 40 years of distinctive photography exhibitions at Northlight Gallery with a members show at the newly renovated gallery space at Grant Street Studios in downtown Phoenix. Nascent Site: Sight will feature the works of: David Emmitt Adams, Ron Bimrose, Angie Buckley, Bob Carey, Sean Deckert, Desiree Edkins, Krista Elrick, Alex Emmons, Dan Fritz, Bob Galloway, Bob Gauvreau, Barbara Gilson, Margo Halverson, Roze Hanks, Stephanie Hunder, Wayne Jenkins, Daniel Kariko, Damian Lee, William LeGoullon, Wen Hang Lin, Jane Lindsay, Tracey Longley-Cook, Michael Marhsall, Emily Matyas, Neil A. Miller, Bruce Morton, Carol Panaro-Smith, Rembrandt Quiballo, Rachel Girard Reisert, Joseph Rheaume, Cole Robertson, Rich Rollins, Kris Sanford, Sallie Scheufler, Martina Shenal, Anythony Siciliano, Vivian Spiegelman, Amy Stevens, Mary Virginia Swanson, Filippo Tagliati, Eduard Uzumeckis, Ian Van Coller, Kelsey Vance, Claire A. Warden, Angela Franks Wells, Joshua White, and Byron Wolfe.
Northlight Gallery was founded on the Tempe campus by Professor Jack Stuler and MFA photo students in 1972 at a time when the medium was struggling to be recognized locally as a fine art. Now 43 years later, photography and related digital technologies dominate contemporary art as well as our daily lives. ASU’s photography program has expanded to include seven full time professors and offers classes in experimental film and the environment with Julie Anand, field photography and digital fine printing with Mark Klett, alternative and historical photographic processes with Binh Danh, photographic aesthetics with Bill Jenkins, documentary photography with Stephen Marc, portraiture with Betsy Schneider and photo history with Betsy Fahlman. Northlight Gallery continues to serve a vital role in the educational experience of students pursuing a degree in photography. The permanent collection includes internationally renowned photographers such as Ansel Adams, Thomas Barrow, Harry Callahan, Van Deren Coke, Betty Hahn, Eikoh Hosoe, Aaron Siskind and Paul Strand. Students also benefit from the Solari Foundation Collection which includes works by Eugene Atget, Manuel Alverez Bravo, Henri Cartier Bresson, Mary Ellen Mark, Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Frederick Sommer and Edward Weston.

There will be an opening reception on Friday, September 18th from 6-9PM. The exhibition will run Sept. 18 – Oct. 17, 2015

Above Photo Credit: Sean Deckert


September 11th, 2015: Nearing Dissonance featured on

William's "Nearing Dissonance" series has been reviewed on FeatureShoot - an online showcase of work by international emerging and established photographers. This is the second time his work has been selected to be reviewed on FeatureShoot (May 2012, Fingerprints of Drinkable Culture). Here is an excerpt from the write up...

"For LeGoullon, the desert holds the weight of centuries of idealization and reverence while succumbing to the very real influences of human development. He’s pulled to landscapes that rest at the peripheries of urban settlements, at the border between that which is feral and domesticated. The land has become not only the photographer’s playground but also his protagonist, his hero, and his sometime adversary. As we force the earth into submission, he trusts that the desert fights back, holding fast to the arid, hot, and inhospitable terrain."

Special thanks to Ellyn Kail for her interest in the series and to Alison Zavos for her continued support of the photography community worldwide.


August 27th, 2015: Interview with Fotografia Magazine:

William's work from his on-going project - Nearing Dissonance, has been featured in Fotografia Magazine, an online contemporary photography magazine primarily showcasing the work of talented emerging photographers as well as an abundance of resources. The feature entitled DESERTS ARE NOT EMPTY also includes an in depth interview where he discusses his project in greater detail. Special Thanks to Graziano Ferri for his interest and support.


August 21st, 2015: PULL! An Art-Installation and Participatory Performance Piece:

Opening Friday, August 21st, William LeGoullon will be showcasing his very first installation-based work entitled “Pull!” at The Roosevelt Row Hot Box Galleries located at 408 E. Roosevelt St. Phoenix, AZ 85004, in conjunction with Rhetorical Galleries, founded by Nic Wiesinger. The exhibit will be open from 6-9PM, but early visitation is encouraged as only the first 250 participants will be able to take part in the performance. Below is the project statement:

“A bright orange bird made of resin and limestone flies across the sky only to be obliterated in an instant by the pull of a trigger. The joy of removing the clay pigeon from its trajectory, stunning its travel mid-flight, and sending countless shards into all directions, is a strange sensation of delightful destruction. But what happens when you miss? The clay continues onward, unaffected by your pellets, only to eventually drop to the ground and be left behind. Endless fragments litter much of the landscapes I explore. By lucky chance, however, some survive the impact and retain their shape and form. Others simply never got aimed at and are left placed on hillside backstops.

I’ve collected these surviving targets to be re-used in a responsible and unique way. To allow the same gratifying yet bizarre experience of wreckage, participants are asked to operate a skeet thrower, hurling their clay pigeons airborne to be broken against gallery walls. The beautiful black and orange remnants will then be collected and re-used in future art making. While the public is not actually taking aim at the discs using a firearm, they are, however, forced to launch their projectile at an illustration of a saguaro cactus framed within a traditional target pattern. This unnerving reminder is an attempt to consider the narrative that leads to this experience and to our connection with landscapes being affected by these potentially harmful yet enjoyable activities.”

The installation will also be open to viewing (the remains) on Friday, September 4th, 2015.


August 3rd, 2015: Work featured on Fraction Magazine:

A selection of works from William's Nearing Dissonance series is being featured on Fraction Magazine, an online venue dedicated to contemporary photography that brings together diverse bodies of work by established and emerging artists from around the globe. William is especially excited to be working Editor-In-Chief David Bram and Assistant Editor Bree Lamb, as Fraction Magazine has for years been one of William's favorite go-tos. To view the latest issue featuring Patti Hallock, Adam Reynolds, and William LeGoullon please click here.


June 22nd, 2015: Klompching Gallery 2015 FRESH Finalist:

William has been selected as a KLOMPCHING Gallery 2015 FRESH Finalist - a featured selection of talent on the gallery's blog in conjunction with the annual FRESH Summer Show Exhibition opening July 8th 2015 from 6-8PM in New York. William is honored to be part of this showcase and sends special thanks to curators Darren Ching and Debra Klomp Ching for their support, interest, and exposure. Finalists include: Bear Kirkpatrick, Chris Bennett, David Wolf, Deb Young, Frank Diaz, Liz Steketee, Peter Leighton, Rhea Karam, Theresa Ortolani, and William LeGoullon.

For more info on Klompching Gallery click here.


March 20th, 2015: The Contemporary Forum Annual Art Auction at The Phoenix Art Museum:

William is honored to have been asked to participate in this year’s Contemporary Forum Annual Art Auction at The Phoenix Art Museum’s Cummings Great Hall, and will be showcasing an image from his (Un)Intended Targets series which will be available to the highest bidder this Friday night, March 20th! As a past recipient of a 2011 Contemporary Forum Emerging Artist Grant, he is especially humbled and pleasured to be able to help support this fantastic organization. The CF Auction & Dinner is the major annual fund-raiser for the organization and is attended by over 300 people. Funds raised at this event are used to purchase significant works of art for Phoenix Art Museum. The live and silent auctions feature a wide variety of contemporary artwork including ceramics, painting, mixed media, photography, sculpture and glass created by locally and nationally recognized artists. Over the years, Contemporary Forum has purchased over $3,000,000 worth of art for the Museum.


March 14th, 2015: ONWARD Compé 15 at Basho Projects in Philadelphia, PA:

William is pleased to announce that a piece from his latest project, (Un)Intended Targets, was selected by photographer, curator, and guest juror; Elinor Carucci, for the exhibition of ONWARD Compé ‘15 featuring 52 images by 37 emerging photographers from across the globe. 

ONWARD Compé is an annual international competition for emerging talents and is juried each year by a new visionary photographer. The selection of photographs will be on view at Project Basho in Philadelphia in conjunction with the ONWARD Summit conference, an annual photography festival. The opening reception is March 14th and will run through April 26th, 2015. more information please click here.


November 7th, 2014 / February 12th, 2015: "CONVERGENCE / PHX-BG"

Now on view Nov. 7th through Dec. 22, 2014.

At The ASU Art Museum International Artist Residency Program’s Combine Studio.

Curated by visiting curator Maida Gruden from Belgrade, Serbia.

Featuring the work of artists Aleksandrija Ajduković, Nidaa Aboulhosn, Edgar Cardenas, Sean Deckert, William LeGoullon, Goran Micevski, Ivan Petrović, Stefana Savić, Nina Todorović, Mihailo Vasiljević, Ryan Parra and Claire A. Warden. 

CONVERGENCE / PHX-BG is an exhibition of photographic works by artists from Phoenix and Belgrade. During her five-week stay at the ASU Art Museum International Artist Residency Program, Maida Gruden (art historian, curator and CEC ArtsLink Fellow of 2014 had the opportunity to meet a number of local artists and ASU students to view and learn about their work and processes. This short but eventful time has brought the opportunity for Gruden to develop an exhibition at the Combine Studios gallery based on her interaction with photographers from Phoenix and recent collaborations with photographers from Belgrade.

The exhibition will then travel to Belgrade, Serbia to be exhibited at the Student's City Cultural Center Gallery. It will be on view from February 12th through the 28th.


October 16th, 2014: Desert Barnacles Exhibition by Scottsdale Public Art:

It is William's pleasure to announce that he has been invited by The Scottsdale Public Art Program to showcase the Desert Barnacles series in it’s entirety at The Gallery @ Appaloosa Library in Scottsdale, Arizona. The mission of Scottsdale Public Art is to serve as a leader in defining art in the public realm through creative place-making, signature cultural events, exhibitions, and installations — contributing to the community’s creative, cultural, and economic vitality.

The works will be on view till January 12th, 2015.

For more information on the exhibition please click here.


October 3rd, 2014: "Chaos Theory 15"

Celebrating it’s 15th year, the group exhibition called "Chaos Theory" continues to be one of the top showcases of local work that Phoenix has to look forward to each year. The show has always been a fantastic example of what Phoenix’s arts community has to offer and includes a various array of mediums, styles, and overall aesthetics. William is truly honored to be invited once again to take part in this year’s exhibition. The event is sure to attract a crowd. People of Phoenix - you won’t want to miss this one! It opens Friday, October 3rd, 2014 at 521 W Van Buren St. at 6PM. A secondary opening will take place October 17th as well. Check out Dry Heat for additional information.

Exhibiting artists include:  Randy Slack, Jon Balinkie, Brandon Sullivan, Jehu, David Dauncey, James Angel, Shauna Thibault, Steven Yazzie, Michael David Little, Pete Deise, Cindy Dach, Carrie Marill, William LeGoullon, Kristin Bauer, Sergio Aguirre, Frank Gonzales, Molten Brothers, Emmett Potter, Annie Lopez, John Randall Nelson, Yuko Yabuki, JB Snyder, David Michael Cook, Lara Plecas, Case Beer, Mike Prepsky, Steven Hofberger, Melissa Martinez, Danielle Hacche, Henry Schoebel, Brooke Grucella, Steve Gompf, Colton Brock, Aaron Dunham, Bill Dambrova, Matthew Moore, Ashley Macias, Andy Brown, Gennard Garcia, Lori Fenn, Josh Rhodes, Ellen Wagener, Larry Madrigal, Christina Ramirez, Brent Bond, Colin Chillag, Jeff Falk, Rick Toerne, Brian Boner, Greg Esser, Larry Willis, Abbey Messmer, Joe Willie Smith, Mykil Zep, Rachel Bess, Tara Logsdon, Ruben Gonzales, Ben Willis, Mitch Phillips, Kendra Sollars, Yai Cecream, Thomas Breeze Marcus, Michael Carson, Lauren Strohacker, Carolyn Lavendar, and Hector Ruiz.


August 23rd, 2014: The INFOCUS Juried Exhibition of Self-Published Photobooks at The Phoenix Art Museum:

Opening this Saturday, August 23rd, “The INFOCUS Juried Exhibition of Self-Published Photobooks” at The Phoenix Art Museum will feature 151 books from artists all over the world, including William's 99 project as well as Embedded, a collaboration between Peter Bugg, Nicholas Dahmann, and William LeGoullon. William is honored to have been chosen by jurors; Joshua Chuang, Becky Senf, Mary Virginia Swanson, Darius Himes, Larissa Leclair, Abigail Nersesian, and Jennifer Barnella. The exhibition will be on view in The Norton Gallery from August 23rd through September 28th, 2014.

For more information including some words from curator Becky Senf click here.

Special thanks to INFOCUS for the continued support.


June 12th 2014: LACDA 2014 “Top 40” Juried Competition Winners Exhibition:

William will be showing his “(Un)Intended Targets” image at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art from June 12 - July 5 as part of their Annual "Top 40" Competition. There is an Artists’ Reception: June 12, 2014 7-9pm. 

Curating Jurors:

Joanna Szupinska-Myers
Curator of Exhibitions
California Museum of Photography

Ryan Linkoff
Parsons Curatorial Fellow
LACMA (L.A. County Museum of Art) 


May 1st 2014: VIEW Magazine features (Un)Intended Targets:

VIEW Magazine is an art photography publication developed for the iPad/iPhone by multimedia design studio, FusionLab and features the work of photographers from all over the world. The latest edition of VIEW magazine is now available and includes William's series “(Un)Intended Targets” and features one of his photos as the cover for the 9th edition. Below is the preface statement from the editor - Alon Koppel:

"When I begin to review work for the next issue of VIEW, I let my eyes lead me around (usually the internet) and see what comes my way. Sometimes, when I can manage to keep my mind open, the results can be quite surprising and I find that I select work that perhaps a few months before I would not have chosen.

It’s in this issue then that I think we have achieved such a wide selection that it is a testimony to the power photography can have on us to open (or change) our minds.

From William LeGoullon’s studio shots of items he found in the Arizona desert, first abused and used for target practice then gradually morphed into beautiful sculpture; through Aaron Owens’ research into public archives where he finds aerial photos that he meticulously collects into an array of patterns; to looking through the dreamly sensitive eyes of Valentina Marcucci - just a sample of some of the diverse work we’ve collected in this latest issue.

This is an issue to soak in section by section, image by image; to reflect on what we do as artists and humans and enjoy what the world around us doesn’t cease to provide - endless inspiration to so many talented people.”

Projects / Photographers included:
Mutated Landscape - Charles Bouchaib
Pay Phones - Dominic Bugatto
CMYK - Jose Camara
New Vesuvian Landscapes - Gigi Cifali
Road Ends in Water - Eliot Dudik
Snowpark - Philippe Fragnière
(Un)Intended Targets - William LeGoullon
Traces - Valentina Marcucci
Dispatches from the Confluence - Aaron Owens
Strange Paradise - Charlie Rubin

Check it out for free here.


February 21st 2014: "A River in a Time of Dryness: Water Management in the Valley of the Sun"

Curated by artist Nic Wiesinger, this exhibition features the works of seven talents including: Edgar Cardenas, Jeff Chabot, Dan Collins, Heather Couch, Bryon Darby, William LeGoullon, and Marco Rosichelli.

No one talks more about water than Phoenicians, and for good reason.  Proper water management is the only reason that anyone is able to survive and thrive in this valley in the center of the Sonoran Desert.  Whether it’s SRP canal water from the Salt and Verde Rivers, or Central Arizona Canal water from Colorado River allotment, or groundwater pumped from underground aquifers, water and its delivery is the most studied and speculated topic in the Valley of the Sun. 

Past methods of management have created what we see today, a vibrant city in a desert, an oasis amid dryness.  But how did we get here, and how has our past management altered the landscape?  How do we properly manage the water that we have when predictions are that we will have less water in the future?  And how can we the citizens of this arid jungle, recognizing the risks of mismanagement, create methods to be more vigilant, educated, aware, and progressive toward the care and distribution of the water that will nourish us all?

The exhibition will hang at Eye Lounge Contemporary Art Gallery in Phoenix through March 16th.


November 15th 2013: Halt Gallery Presents “Roaming With Abandon” at Modified Arts Gallery:

Halt Gallery was developed by Julia Bruck and Becky Nahom in the spring of 2012 as a new alternative to a conventional art gallery to provide site-specific art exhibitions with unexpected experiences for both artist and viewer. Since then they have created a business model to develop exhibitions specific to the sites of traditional and alternative spaces. It is a pleasureto announce William's inclusion in their latest exhibition which will be held at Modified Arts Gallery in Phoenix. “Roaming with Abandon” explores the interaction between the individual and the environment by bringing together four artists who record compelling and often unexpected responses through the use of imagery, materials, and process. The exhibition will feature the works of four artists, including; Jonathan Cross, Kerstin Dale, Rossitza Todrova, and William LeGoullon.

Opening Reception: November 15th from 6-9PM. Closing Reception: December 14th from 6-10PM. More information can be found here.

October 4th 2013: "Chaos Theory 14"

Now in it's 14th year, "Chaos Theory" has become a staple of the Phoenix art community drawing attention from art lovers, collectors and curators. Native Phoenician, co-owner of Legend City and downtown artist Randy Slack has brought together 60+ local artists of different mediums to exhibit new works in this year's highly anticipated exhibition. William is honored to once again be participating in what he considers to be one of his favorite yearly showcases of talent. In addition to the opening Friday, October 4, 2013 from 6 p.m. to midnight, "Chaos Theory 14" will be on view during the same hours for Friday, October 18. The exhibition will also be open during the Grand Avenue Festival on Saturday, October 19.

Exhibiting artists include:  Randy Slack, Jon Balinkie, Brandon Sullivan, Jehu, David Dauncey, James Angel, Shauna Thibault, Steven Yazzie, Michael David Little, Pete Deise, Cindy Dach, Carrie Marill, William LeGoullon, Kristin Bauer, Sergio Aguirre, Ruben Gonzales, Molten Brothers, Emmett Potter, Annie Lopez, John Randall Nelson, Yuko Yabuki, JB Snyder, Amelec Diaz, David Michael Cook, Lara Plecas, Case Beer, Mike Prepsky, Steven Hofberger, Melissa Martinez, Danielle Hacche, Wayne Rainey, Henry Schoebel, Brooke Grucella, Steve Gompf, Colton Brock, Aaron Dunham, Gennard Garcia, Jason Rudolph Pena, Lori Fenn, Josh Rhodes, Ellen Wagener, Frank Gonzales, Larry Madrigal, Christina Ramirez, Brent Bond, Colin Chillag, Jeff Falk, Rock Toerne, Brian Boner, Greg Esser, Larry Willis, Abbey Messmer, Joe Willie Smith, Mykil Zep, Jesse Reiser, Rachel Bess, Tara Logsdon, Michael Carson, Carolyn Lavendar, and Hector Ruiz.

For more information please visit Dry Heat.


 July 19th 2013: "What are we doing here?" at Modified Arts in Phoenix:

An Exhibition Curated by William LeGoullon

William is thrilled to announce his latest curatorial project and exhibition entitled, “What are we doing here?” which will open July 19th at Modified Arts in Phoenix, featuring works by the following artists in addition to some of his own: Christopher Colville, David Michael Cook, Richard Laugharn, and David Shannon-Lier.

Through various approaches, the artists in this exhibition are collectively concerned with understanding our complex desire to connect with the desert, a term who’s traditional definition is continually being challenged. The collection of photographic works will have an opening reception on July 19th from 6-9PM and continue to hang through August 10th. An additional reception will take place during First Friday in August. Spread the word!


June 7th 2013: "From The Sidelines" Opens at ASU's Night Gallery in Tempe:

Phoenix-based curator and creative, Becky Nahom has invited William to exhibit in her upcoming exhibition entitled “From The Sidelines” opening Friday, June 7th at ASU’s Night Gallery in Tempe, AZ. Featuring the works of fellow ASU alumni, current graduate students, and faculty members, the show will run through September 1st. William will be sharing the largest selection to date of works from his Fingerprints of Drinkable Culture series.

May 30th 2013:  “Center Forward” at Rayko Photo Center in San Francisco:

This is a collaborative exhibition between RayKo Photo Center and The Center for Fine Art Photography in Ft. Collins, Colorado. "Center Forward" was juried by gallery directors Hamidah Glasgow and Ann Jastrab. The exhibit brings together the visions of both curators and explores the current trends in contemporary photography. Back in September of 2012, William's work was selected to be part of the debut exhibition at C4FAP and now it will travel to San Francisco for the shows opening reception on May 30th. The exhibition will run through July 5th.


March 30th 2013:  “Photography and Environmental Concern”  at PhotoPlace Gallery, Vermont:

The most pressing issues facing us today revolve around questions of our relationship to the planet we inhabit.  While in the past the wilderness photographs of Ansel Adams defined the natural environment as a place of untouched pristine beauty, much recent photographic work has examined the increasing complexity of our interaction with the environment by focusing on such topics as pollution, global warming, industrial development, resource depletion, sustainability, recycling, and land use. William is pleased to announce his inclusion in "Photography and Environmental Concern" at PhotoPlace Gallery in Middlebury, Vermont on display from March 30 - April 20th, 2013. A piece from his Desert Barnacles Series was selected by juror, Kate Ware, Curator of Photography at the New Mexico Museum of Art.


March 1st 2013: “25 Years Downtown” Exhibition at MonOrchid Gallery, Phoenix AZ:

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Art Detour, a yearly event showcasing Phoenix’s art scene to its fullest extent. William will be having the pleasure of exhibiting at MonOrchid Gallery’s “25 Years Downtown” an invitational exhibition featuring the works of artists who have had an integral part to the success of the arts in Phoenix. As a way to reminisce the many years of excitement and struggle that we have experienced to create and promote a vibrant culture in the urban center of the valley. The exhibition will open March 1st. The following evening William's piece "Orange A-1 Bottle Cap" will be auctioned to help raise money for the re-launching of one of the best publications ever to come out of Phoenix’s art scene - Shade Magazine.


November 2012 Exhibitions and Educational Engagements:

The final week of November allowed for William to share opportunities with fellow up and coming artists in Phoenix in two different ways. First, he was invited by The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art to work with high school photography students as part of The SMOCA Visions Teen Program. By sharing with the students his interests and approaches to photography in the field, he worked with the teens using both 4x5 view camera as well as digital microscopic photography equipment. For William, it was not only refreshing but inspiring. The second opportunity to share with students came during a guest artist lecture and visit to ASU's Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts. He was selected to be part of a panel of 3 artists discussing with students the available outlets and opportunities there are after receiving undergraduate degrees. He felt reassured that Phoenix not only has some enthusiastic talent coming out of it's major university, but compelled to continue reaching out to his younger community. He looks forward to the chance of working with these types of talents again.

In addition to his educational related experiences, William also exhibited in three shows this month including "Snap! A Photography Invitational" at Eye Lounge Gallery, "Out Of Square" at ASU's Harry Wood Gallery, and "Portrait of an Artist" at Bragg's Pie Factory. To keep informed of other events, news, and exhibition announcements, please join William’s mailing list by using the information located on the contact page or by visiting his blog, Dry Heat.


October 5th 2012: "Chaos Theory 13"

For a third year in a row, William will be having the pleasure of exhibiting along side some of Phoenix’s top artists at this year's "Chaos Theory 13" Exhibition! Randy Slack of Legend City Studios has put together another fantastic list of exhibitors. Featuring 60 artists, the showcase features some of what Phoenix’s arts community has to offer and includes many of William's personal friends and colleagues and even some who he considers major inspirations. He is honored to be invited once again to take part in this year’s Chaos Theory. It opens Friday, October 5th, 2012 at 521 W Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ 85003 at 6PM.

Artists exhibiting include: Brandon Sullivan, David Dauncey, James Angel, Jon Balinkie, Jehu, Christina Ramirez, Brent Bond, Steven J. Yazzie, Jeff Falk, Colin Chillag, Carolyn Lavender, Hector Ruiz, Rick Toerne, Brian Boner, Annie Lopez, Emmett Potter, Grant Wiggins, Jason Rudolph Pena, Matt Priebe, JB Snyder, Kristin Bauer, Eric Cox, Greg Esser, Suzanne Falk, Dose, Tara Logsdon, Joe Willie Smith, Larry Willis, Case Beer, Pete Deise, Mike Prepsky, Melissa Martinez, Josh Rhodes, Lara Plecas, Ruben Gonzales, Steve Gompf, Cindy Dach, Molten Brothers, Sergio Aquirre, Carrie Marill, Dayvid LeMmon, Shauna Thibualt, Jules Demetrius, Gennaro Garcia, Aaron Dunham, Colton Brock, Carla Keaton, William LeGoullon, Brooke Grucella, Abbey Messmer, Michael David Little, Joseph Perez, Ellen Wagener, Quincy Ross, Steven Hofberger, Lori Fenn, Henry Schoebel, Danielle Hacche, Randy Slack, and John Randall Nelson.

For more information please visit Dry Heat.


September 28th, 2012: "Photo Emerge" at The Midwest Center for Photography in Wichita, KS

William's latest works have been selected to be part of this years “Photo Emerge” Exhibition at The Center Gallery at The Midwest Center For Photography in Wichita, Kansas. Opened in 2008, The Center Gallery is located in the heart of Wichita’s Douglas Design District and will feature the works of 12 photographers selected by juror; Linda Robinson, director and curator of The Center Gallery, for the exhibition opening September 28th and running through October 12th. As William continues to produce work for this series, he'd like to express his appreciation and thanks to toughs who have made it possible.


September 7th, 2012: The Center for Fine Art Photography’s “Center Forward 2012” Exhibition

The Center for Fine Art Photography’s has selected William LeGoullon to exhibit as part of their upcoming “Center Forward 2012” Exhibition and will include a piece from his Fingerprints of Drinkable Culture Series. William is very pleased to be selected by jurors; Ann M. Jastrab of RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco and Hamidah Glasgow of The Center for Fine Art Photography in Fort Collins, Colorado. The work will be traveling to the center this month for the exhibition opening on September 7th, 2012. For more information please visit The Center for Fine Art Photography or join William’s mailing list by using the information located on the contact page.


August 29th, 2012: “Terrain” at The Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, VA

William will be exhibiting along side 30 artists in an upcoming exhibition opening August 29th at The Kiernan Gallery in Lexington, Virginia. Titled, “Terrain” the showcase of work focuses on both the vast and the microscopic interpretations of landscape. Juror, Sean Kernan, explains that in addition to beauty, this genre often explores the contours of our relationships with environments and their complexities. William’s “Black No. 1” image was selected from an ongoing series of work relating to the desert southwest, most specifically the areas between Phoenix and the Transverse and Peninsular Mountain Ranges of Southern California. Although this body of work is not available for viewing on William's main website, some examples can be found on his blog, Dry Heat. William is very honored to be part of this exhibition and looks forward to working with The Kiernan Gallery.


June 7th 2012: Latest Curation: "Tributaries" at The Shemer Art Center and Museum

The Shemer Art Center and Museum of Phoenix has asked William to curate their summer exhibition and in doing so he has worked with local talents in a realm far from photography-based work. “Tributaries” spotlights the artistic production of four valley artists who are utilizing one of our worlds most basic and fundamental elements; water. The confluence of these artistic insights collectively creates a unique way to mentally absorb the diversity of this vital substance through a range of concepts, and varying disciplines. By focusing on the showcase of installation and location-based works, LeGoullon invites the audience to experience the ways in which water can be applied and perceived through contemporary art.

Participating Artists:
Saskia Jorda
Melissa Martinez
Emily Stergar
Nic Wiesigner

Dates: June 7th through July 31st. There will be a reception (open to the public) on June 21st from 7-9PM. The Shemer Art Center and Museum is open Tuesday through Saturday 10AM – 3PM and Thursday Evenings from 6:30-8:30. For more information please visit their website.


April 28th 2012: Contemporary Forum Grant Winners Exhibition at The Phoenix Art Museum

Last year, William was awarded a Contemporary Forum of The Phoenix Art Museum "Emerging Artist" Grant, and as part of the grant winning process has been invited to exhibit two of his pieces in The Janis and Dennis Lyon Gallery at The Phoenix Art Museum from April 28th through May 20th 2012. Other included artists are as follows: Melissa Martinez, Peter Bugg, John Tuomisto-Bell, Lisa Corine von Koch, Aaron Rothman, Cy Edgar Keener, and Jay Atherton. There will be an public opening reception as well as the announcement of the 2012 Grant Winners on May 9th at 7PM. William feels extremely honored to be able to exhibit works in a museum he has grown up with and looks forward to continuing his new projects with support from The Contemporary Forum as well as The Phoenix Art Museum.

To keep informed of other events, news, and exhibition announcements, please join William’s mailing list by using the information located on the contact page or by visiting his blog, Dry Heat.

Photo Credit: Bill Timmerman


March 27th 2012: Arizona Governor's Artist Award Nomination

William was honored to be listed among such great talents as a nominated artist for The 31st Annual Arizona Governor’s Arts Awards Ceremony! The award ceremony is the largest annual statewide gathering of arts and culture supporters in our state. Presented by Arizona Citizens for the Arts, the Arizona Commission on the Arts and the Office of the Governor, these awards celebrate the extraordinary contributions of artists, arts organizations, businesses, educators and individuals to the quality of life in our state. Although he did not win the award itself, William is pleased with his involvement was extremely flattered to be part of such a wonderful evening of events. As always William appreciates all the support from his family and friends, fellow artists and arts supporters, educators, etc.


March 3rd 2012:  Public Art Commission: The City of Phoenix 7th Ave. Streetscape Project

Every year The City of Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture awards 3 artists and 3 writers with public art commissions as part of their 7th Avenue Streetscape Public Art Project. This year William was awarded as a contributing artist and on Saturday the 3rd, at 1:15pm there will be an unveiling of the latest installations of works from local artists and poets including Iliana Rocha (poet), Jen Uro (artist), Aaron Johnson (poet), Casebeer (artist), Torran Anderson (poet) and William LeGoullon (artist). William is especially excited as this is the first public art project he's been involved with. It incorporates transparent images displayed in light boxes at The 7th Ave. Streetscape Bus Stop. They look good during the day, but really come alive at night. Click here for an for a view of the piece during installation day. Click here for a view of the piece at night.


February 14th 2012: “The Forty Eighth: Contemporary Photography at Arizona’s Centennial”

An Exhibition Curated by William LeGoullon and Jason Roehner

Over the last six months, William has been in the process of curating an exhibition entitled “The Forty Eighth: Contemporary Photography at Arizona’s Centennial” that will be shown at MonOrchid Gallery in Phoenix, in conjunction with Arizona’s upcoming Centennial in February. Along with his co-curator Jason Roehner, they've appropriately set the opening reception date for February 14th and will have the exhibition hang well through this year’s Art Detour Weekend. This is William's first curation and is extremely excited to be working such a talented group of very well-known and well respected photographers.

Andrew Phelps
Mathew Moore
William Rugen
Jesse Rieser
Bryon Darby
Michael Lundgren
Jason Roehner
Thomas Schultz
Tiffiney Yazzie
Edgar Cardenas
Michael Mulno

“There is no mistaking the myth of the American west, its image of the iconic cowboy and the promise of perpetual pasture land. “The Forty Eighth” is concerned with this physical and metaphorical place through time. Through a variety of approaches, concepts, and aesthetics, this exhibition explores the current portrayal of a state celebrating its 100th year of statehood. It examines what we do as a people and the enduring geological realities of where we do it. It derives meaning from change, development, perception, social awareness and growth, while exploring how our cultural habits have shaped the land.

Arizona is a place that for so long was thought of as an open canvas, driven by readily available land, resources and business opportunities. As we have adapted to this unique environment, we are just beginning to recognize and embrace what this place has become.

With a group of photographers as diverse as the population of Arizona itself, some native, some transplants, some merely passing through, we are presented with a unique look at this desert metropolis. Through history, technology, iconography and culture, this exhibition examines our relationship with the environments within, and the perceived idea of what Arizona really is today.”

Specifically chosing photographers whose work covers a multitude of contemporary elements, each representative of what makes up our great state, William's focus is not about where Arizona has been over the last 100 years, but rather where we are “now” with respect to the past. By selecting photographers of various career levels, and some even from out-of-state, Jason and William aren’t just interested in focusing on showcasing individual works but rather a collective whole and encompassing experience.

Reception Dates:

February 14th: Opening Reception Centennial Celebration 7PM
February 17th: Third Friday Opening Reception 7PM
March 2nd: First Friday Reception 7PM
March 16th -17th: Art Detour Reception 7PM

MonOrchid Gallery
214 E. Roosevelt St.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

More info/developments relating to this exhibition can be found here.


January 4th 2012: "New Directions - Crossing Territories" Exhibition at Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA

William is pleased to announce his participation in "New Directions - Crossing Territories" an exhibition curated by Debra Klomp Ching of KlompChing Gallery in New York on exhibit at Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara, CA. The New Directions 2012 exhibition concerns itself with the wide-ranging ways in which contemporary photographers are addressing the intersection between form and content in photography — whether consciously as artists, or by way of my interpretation of their artworks, from the standpoint of a curator. Considering the photograph as both image and physical artifact is of fundamental interest within this context. This collection showcases photographic artworks that demonstrate a marriage between the chosen subject and the manner in which they were either made or finally printed and presented. Together, the photographers in this exhibition demonstrate an impressive and imaginative use ofphotography’s old and new tools to push photography to its very limits, whilst maintaining the integrity of the photograph itself.

William's selected piece comes from his current experiments, utilizing a microscope mounted camera to explore andexpress his fascination with beverages, the variety of methodical processes through which we craft them, and the detailed makeup of each liquid we drink. In this series, he's treated the world’s top five most consumed man-made beverages like scientific specimens, allowing each liquid sample to dry before photographing them using a microscope. The resulting images provide us with a chance to analyze these fingerprints of drinkable culture as an act of art consumption.

The exhibition opens January 4th and runs through January 29th before moving to Seattle from February 8th through March 4th 2012.


December 8th 2011: "Artists on Artists : Dynamic Duos" Presentation and Curation at SMOCA

Fellow collaborating artist, Peter Bugg and William LeGoullon will be co-curating and hosting the Scottsdale Museum for Contemporary Art’s on-going lecture series “Artists on Artists” event at the newly opened “SMOCA Lounge” December 8th at 7PM. Called “Dynamic Duos” the public presentation and lecture series features valley artist couples discussing the ways that they create both collaboratively and in proximity to one another. Featured artist couples include: Cyndi Coon & Jeremy Bridell; James Hajicek & Carol Panaro-Smith; and Anne & Jerry Schutte. For more information about this free event please refer to this New Times Article.

Location: Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art
Sub Location: SMOCA Lounge
Address: 7374 E. 2nd Street Scottsdale 85251 AZ
Time: 7PM
*Free and open to the public


October 21st 2011: "Intermission" Exhibition

One and a half years after LeGoullon originally exhibited his "Intermission" series, he is ready to do so again, and unfortunately, with ironic timing. His series which examines the remaining Drive-In Movie Theaters of Arizona, was heavily influenced by his time spent at the Scottsdale Century 6 Theater in Scottsdale, Arizona. However in early September 2011, this particular theater, like so many nation-wide finally closed its doors. This is the second theater since William's completion of the project to close down, the other being Tucson's infamous, DeAnza Theater.

This time around, LeGoullon will be exhibiting at Bokeh Gallery in Phoenix, located within MonOrchid. "Intermission" opens to the public October 21st (Reception from 7-10PM), and will run through November 11th. This same series was also recently featured on The Freak Show where coincidently enough, they wrote "There seems to be a sense of danger or uncertainty in William LeGoullon's photographs." For more information about this event, as well as other news, works-in-progress, and insights into William's career, be sure to check out Dry Heat.


October 7th 2011: "Chaos Theory 12"

William LeGoullon has been invited to be one of the participating artists in this years "Chaos Theory 12" group exhibition at Legend City Studios in Phoenix, Arizona for the second straight year. The exhibit will fill 10,000 square feet with the newest work of more than 50 of Arizona's finest artists, personally invited by Legend City’s Randy Slack. Now in its 12th year, “Chaos Theory” is an unofficial barometer of the art scene in Phoenix, exhibiting downtown Phoenix art perennials with newer creative types that have been added to the mix.

Artists exhibiting include: Steven J Yazzie, Case Beer, Josh Rhodes, Rick Toerne, James Angel, David Dauncey, Suzie Falk, Brent Bond, Steve Hoffberger, Luiz Gutierrez, Melissa Martinez, Eric Cox, Jonathan Arvizu, Lara Plecas, Jeff Falk, Annie Lopez, Michael Zep, Dave Quan, Danielle Hacche, Brian Boner, Christina Ramirez, Fausto Fernandez, Shauna Thibault, Greg Esser, Derek Welte, Carolyn Lavender, Richard Toerne, Hector Ruiz, Molten Brothers, Ellen Wagener, Kendal Hathaway, William LeGoullon, Dayvid LeMmon, Henry Schoebel, Abbey Messmen, Joe Willie Smith, Brooke Grucella, Colin Chillag, Grant Wiggins, Matt Priebe, John Randall Nelson, Emmett Potter, Kristin Bauer, Sergio Aguirre, Steve Gompf, Jason Rudolph Pena, Dose, Colton Brock, Tara Logsdon, Ruben Gonzales, Elizabeth Cheche, Jehu, Lori Fenn, Mike Prepsky, Deise, Cindy Dach, Melanie Corradi, Alicia Slack, Randy Slack, John Balinkie, and Brandon Sullivan.

The event begins at 6:00PM on October 7th. (521 West Van Buren St. Phoenix, AZ)


July 31st 2001: The Salton Sea Project published in LPV Magazine

Yesterday, Bryan Formhals of LPV Magazine published a selection of images from William's on-going Salton Sea explorations… One must acknowledge the fact that so many photographers explore the sea and it’s surroundings but few document whats is currently making up this place’s narrative. William believes Bryan's interest in the comparison between LeGoullon's work and that of the “weekend warriors” is crucial to note, at least on a personal level. The story can be found here.

Special thanks to Bryan for his interest and support.

*Image above: “Slab City Entrance” outside of Niland CA 2010


June 24th 2011: "Arizona Biennial '11" at The Tucson Museum of Art

William is truly honored to announce that the highly respected, Anne Ellegood, has selected his “Arizona Brewing Co. Bottle Openers Series" and “99 Bottles, Their Caps on the Wall” to be exhibited at this years Arizona Biennial ’11. Continuing to grow in scope and prestige since it was first organized in 1948, the Arizona Biennial presents a range of works from paintings, sculpture,  to photography and installations. Held at The Tucson Museum of Art, Arizona Biennial ‘11 is a much-anticipated exhibition of some of the most respected artists in the region, exposing their work and showing Arizona’s artistic strengths, trends, and the potential of our art and artists.

This year’s guest curator, Anne Ellegood is the Senior Curator at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, CA. She was previously Curator of Contemporary Art at the Hirshhorn Museum & Sculpture Garden in Washington DC from 2005-2009; and the New York-based Curator for Peter Norton’s collection as well as Associate Curator at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York from 1998-2003. For January 2011, she is organizing the 6th Hammer Invitational exhibition, "All of this and nothing," with chief curator Douglas Fogle that will feature the work of fourteen artists, half based in Los Angeles and half from around the world. Ellegood is also serving as the curator for the Australian Pavilion for the 2011 Venice Biennale presenting the work of Sydney-based Hany Armanious.

Arizona Biennial ‘11 will focus on the current aesthetic and conceptual concerns addressed by some of the finest and most innovative artist in this state. This year's show promises to showcase the subtle shifts in imagery, stylistic impulses, and conceptual foundations to reveal how Arizona’s artistic community participates in the broad dialogue of contemporary art.

Exhibiting Artists:

David Adix, Tucson · Julie Anand and Damon Sauer, Phoenix · Jack Balas, Tucson · Rebecca Barten, Bisbee · Curt Brill, Tucson · Miles Conrad, Tucson · Craig Cully, Tucson · Simon Donovan, Tucson · David Elliott, Tucson · Fausto Fernandez, Phoenix · Ken Figueredo · Dan Fogel, Tempe · Fotovitamina (Rosanna Salonia and Matthew Yates), Tucson · David Gibbs, Tucson · Denis Gillingwater, Phoenix · A. Brooke Heuts, Phoenix · Oliver Hibert, Scottsdale · Alan Bur Johnson, Jerome · Jeffrey Jonczyk, Tucson · Saskia Jorda, Scottsdale · Larry Kornegay, Paradise Valley · William LeGoullon, Scottsdale · Cameron Luft, Gilbert · Rose Moon, Sedona · Kathleen Scott Moore, Tempe · Ann Morton, Phoenix · Michael Mulno, Tempe · John Randall Nelson, Tempe · Christina You-Sun Park, Tempe · James Patterson, Tubac · Benjamin William Phillips, Phoenix · Lisa Robinson, Tucson · Josh Schaffer, Tucson · Gary Setzer, Tucson · Shannon Smith, Tucson · Mike Stack,Tucson · Ann Tracy-Lopez, Tucson · Lisa Von Koch, Tempe · Cara Walz, Tucson · A.T. Willett, Tucson · Tessa Windt, Phoenix · Kelsey Viola Wiskirchen, Tempe · Richard Zelens, Tucson.

The exhibition’s opening reception will take place on June 24th from 6:00 – 10:00 pm, and will continue to hang through October 2nd 2011. For more information as well as a list of exhibiting artists, please visit The Tucson Museum of Art.


May 11th 2011: "Contemporary Forum Emerging Artist Grant"

William LeGoullon has been awarded a 2011 Contemporary Forum of The Phoenix Art Museum Emerging Artist Grant. It is a great honor to be selected for this award and he is very pleased to know that his work has been acknowledged by some of the best and most respected art supporters in the state. The Artists Grants Program fosters the creation of contemporary art by encouraging and assisting emerging artists living in Arizona. The grant is designed to assist up to seven artists annually who will significantly benefit from public recognition and financial support, and includes being part of a special exhibition of artwork at The Phoenix Art Museum in 2012. William feels even more excited knowing that 2012 marks Arizona's centennial and is greatly looking forward to the grant recipients showcase.  An evening of celebration will take place on May 11th, 2011 at 7PM at The Phoenix Art Museum in Whiteman Hall. The Contemporary Forum Awards Presentation and Art Exhibition is open to the public and admission is free.  William would also like to thank all who have supported him and the development of his work over the years, because without you, he would have never been able to receive such an honor. Special thanks to his family, whose willingness to support his efforts has never lacked.